Cider Apples

Cider recipes and the character of the cider made depends mainly on the apple mix used.

apple cider recipes Cider apples are often grouped into categories determined by the acid/tannin balance. Typical groups are:
  • The Bittersharp apples (high in both acidity and tannin content)
  • The Sharp apples (high acidity but moderate tannin content)
  • The Bittersweet apples (low acidity but a high tannin content)
  • The Sweet apples (low acidity and tannin content)

The trend has moved to softer, sweeter ciders, smooth and easy to drink so the bittersharp apples are not commonly used today.

Single variety Cider

There is also a trend to use only one variety of apples for making "single variety cider". Obviously, not all cider apples will work as the single component in a cider but some of the popular ones that will are Yarlington Mill (Medium Bittersweet mid season harvest), Dabinett (full bittersweet mid/late season harvest) and Kingston Black (Bittersharp, mid/late season harvest).

Cider apples (this list is not complete!)

Ashton Brown Jersey, Browns Apple, Dabinett, Fillbarrell, Morgan's Sweet, Somerset Redstreak, Tremlett's Bitter, Camelot, Court Royal, Crimson King, Hockings Green, Porter's Perfection and Red Jersey.

Cider orchards and recipes

When planning the orchards - it is of course important to choose varieties which will ripen simultaneously if they go into the same cider recipe. This is why cider orchards are different for different growers and manufacturers.