Magnum cider kits

Cider making homebrew kits are becoming increasingly popular, following the success of commercial brands such as Kopparberg flavoured ciders. Making your own cider is just as easy as brewing wine from a kit.

apple cider kit Magnum Apple Cider homebrew kits are among the best on the market. With 100% juice from especially chosen apples this kit produces a crisp and very fresh medium dry apple cider in only 2 weeks. Just add sugar and water to make your own cider.
perry making kit The Pear Cider making homebrew kit from Magnum is one of very few pear cider kits. Nevertheless, it's a very good quality kit, based on 100% pear juice of good cider making quality. Most homebrew shops stock this brand.
Elderflower cider recipe Making your own elderflower cider isn't difficult. You can do it straight from elderflowers (just make your own cordial and then ferment it). For those without access to elderflowers, Magnum provides a very good homebrew kit to make the elder flower flavoured cider.
Strawberry cider Strawberry flavoured cider is a real hit. Easiest to make from the Magnum homebrew cider kit which seems to be the only strawberry cider kit on the UK market.