Cider Pears

Homebrew pear cider recipes takes some good quality perry pears which are not always the best ones for eating.

 cider recipe pears Pear cider recipes for home brewing of Perry will require some specific pear types for the best result.

There are different classifications for pears to be used for Perry but one of the more recognized is the Polland and Beech classification:
  • Bittersharp pears have high acidity and high tannin content.
  • Bittersweet pears have lower acidity and a high tannin content.
  • Medium sharp pears have a medium acidity and low tannin content.
  • Sweet pears have low acidity and tannin content.

The Bittersharp cider pears

These pears have a very harsh flavour and are not suited for eating but for making a Perry, they are outstanding. Pears in this class have an acidity above 0.45% (weight to volume) and a tannin level above 0.2% (weight to volume). Amongst the pears in this group are: Barland, Butt, Green Longdon, Holmer, Moorcroft, Oldfield, Pint, Rock and Teddington Green.

The Bittersweet cider making pears

There are very few pears that could be classified into this group. The acidity is below that of the Bittersharp's and the tanning content is above 0.2% (weight/volume). Pears that fall into this group are Flakey Bark, Harley Gum, Nailer and Thurston's Red.

The Medium sharp cider recipe pears

Pears in this group have an acidity in the range 0.2% - 0.6% and a low tannin level (below 0.15%). There are quite a few pears that will fall into this category. Some of these are: Arlingham Squash, Blakeney Red, Brandy, Brown Bess, Claret, Early Griffin, Gin, Green Horse, Gregg's Pit, Knapper, Parsonage, Pine, Red Longdon, Staunton Squash, Taynton Squash, Tumper, Turner's Barn and Yellow Huffcap.

The Sweet Pears

These pears have an acidity on or below 0.2% and a low tannin level (below 0.15%). Typical pears in this group are: Barnet, Bartestree Squash, Chaceley Green, Clusters, Coppy, Dead Boy, Ducksbarn, Hendre Huffcap, High Pear, Late Treacle, Lumber, Merrylegs, Newbridge, Red Pear, Sack and White Longdon.