Pear Cider Recipe

Homebrew recipes for perry (pear cider) can be a bit difficult to find. Here is one simple recipe with comments.

cider making recipe

Homebrewing of pear cider (perry) is not that difficult. You will need the usual homebrew equipment of course such as a fermenter, airlock, syphon etc and a good cider yeast. Most pears will do, feel free to experiment there!


Perry (pear cider) recipe

  • 20 kgs of pears (crushed and pressed to around 10L juice)
  • Adjust with water to get a start gravity of 1045-1060 (check with hydrometer)
  • Add 3 crushed campden tablets
  • Add 5-10g diammonium phosphate (yeast nutrient)
  • Add pectolase (a sachet is usually for 25 so adjust accordingly)
  • Add cider yeast (a sachet is usually for 25L so adjust accordingly)


Leave to ferment for a few weeks. Final gravity is often a bit higher than for apple cider due to unfermentable sugars present in pears so expect something like 1010.

Rack off and discard most bottom sediment, bottle with priming sugar (a heaped teaspoon per 500ml bottle). Leave bottles for 3 days, then transfer to cool place for clearing.